Disposable coffee cups are undeniably damaging to the planet and its inhabitants and coffee grounds also produce gasses and damage soils when discarded in large quantities. Kreis Cup is designed to help such problem.

Already fully funded on Kickstarter, the sustainability-focused project combines coffee grounds with plant materials, creating a hardy substance molded into a travel mug and latte cup. The practical, recycled designs are dishwasher safe. Moreover, they are double-walled for insulation, and fully biodegradable. Last but not least, they even retain that signature coffee smell.

Kreis means circle, resembling our circular economy model based on the regeneration of natural materials into a sustainable product. The Kreis Cup is free from petroleum-based plastics or any other environment harming substances. It is 100% sustainable, reusable and recyclable. Hence, it is an alternative to disposable paper cups. And it aims to replace the end-of-life concept of used coffee grounds.

The cup is in production stage right now. But you can still pick up the designs on Indiegogo.

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