Why we need to decant wine? Decanting separates the wine from the sediment, which not only would not look nice in your glass, but would also make the wine taste more astringent. Slowly and carefully decanting the wine ensures that the sediment stays in the bottle and you get a nice clear wine in the decanter. Moreover, it allows your wine to interact with oxygen, which opens up the bottling’s aromas and flavors.

Wine decanters come in a variety of shapes, from common wide-base carafes to one-of-a-kind art pieces. Just like the dragon shape decanter we have here. The design includes the main dragon shaped design with double dragons holding forming a gem setting and the pour spout at the end of the tail.

The workmanship, craft and sheer presence of the Dragon Decanter is eye-watering. Comprising thick-walled, 100% lead-free crystal this is solidly made as you might expect. I can easily spice up your normal wine & cheese nights or any occasion by serving your fermented grape juice from this amazing dragon shaped wine decanter.

For me, it is not only a decanter, but an amazing art of work. And its $1500 price tag (from amazon) proves my assumption. Even if I had such a decanter, it probably will be a great display instead of my daily decanter.

If you want to have a more affordable dragon shape decanter, here are option 1 and option 2.

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