Although Halloween is still two month away, it doesn’t prevent someone preparing their costume. And I just came across a scary human face hat that freaks me out. Can’t help myself to check the hat from the shop then found more interesting and unique felt hats on the Etsy shop called Feltthink.

All these hats are made by %100 natural merino wool and dyed by the artist Sabri. Using traditional wet felting and needle felting techniques, these amazing hats can not only keep you warm but put your under spotlight.

I won’t say the hats presented below can be our daily hats. But there are no doubt they are perfect as an costume accessory. Here are part of the crazy collection and you can find more from the Etsy shop. Of course, there are other felt products like bags, scarfs and baskets. You can do some exploration in this wild felt world created by Sabri.

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Hat with human face [buy on Etsy]
Furry Flame Felt hat [buy on Etsy]
Unique artisan handmade hat with horns [buy on Etsy]
Solar eclipse felt hat [buy on Etsy]
Scorpion felt hat [buy on Etsy]
Hedgehog hat [buy on Etsy]
Unique felt hat with wings [buy on Etsy]
Felt hat wit leafy ears and horn [buy on Etsy]
deer hat Forest elf costume Deer horn hat [buy on Etsy]
Rainbow horn faun hat [buy on Etsy]
Red riding hood hat [buy on Etsy]
Space rabbit hat [buy on Etsy]
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