Metre Architects, renowned for their innovative spatial solutions, has once again redefined conventional design with their latest project, “Vessel,” situated in the heart of Singapore. This transformative endeavor breathed new life into a modest 41-square-meter condo (approx. 441 square feet), elevating it to a space that epitomizes both style and functionality for its youthful owners.

At the forefront of this renovation was the addition of a loft, ingeniously crafted to optimize the soaring 4.7-meter-high ceiling (approx. 15-1/2 feet tall). Yet, the essence of the original floor plan, including the kitchen and bathroom, was retained—a testament to both financial prudence and sustainability consciousness.

Upon entry, guests are immediately drawn to the linear kitchen flanking the hallway, setting the stage for what lies beyond. The loft, visible from the outset, adds a dynamic spatial dimension, enhanced by LED strip lights that elegantly delineate the space below.

Ascending to the loft reveals a cleverly designed wood box staircase, ingeniously minimizing footprint while maximizing utility. Below, a wall of storage cleverly utilizes the under-stair space, seamlessly blending form and function.

The loft itself serves as a multifunctional haven, housing the couple’s home office with picturesque views of the lush backyard through double-height windows. A garden patio offers a serene outdoor retreat amidst the bustling urban landscape.

In the living area, floor recliners replace bulky sofas, optimizing space without sacrificing comfort. Fluted-glass sliding doors provide flexible integration or division of living and sleeping quarters, offering privacy without compromising natural light.

Symbolizing resilience and adaptability, the “Vessel” loft embodies a metaphorical journey—a vessel that not only supports its current occupants but also promises new adventures for future inhabitants. In its transformative design, “Vessel” transcends mere architecture, emerging as a symbol of possibility and potential within the confines of urban living.

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