One time use glove is good but some people find it is not comfortable to wear and some think it is not good for the environment. However, in this special time, many of us think we need someting to protect us not touch anything that might have virus.

With such need, we see many weird things have been invented and today is another one – CovMitt-19. Basically, it is a silicone oven mitt to a retractable cord that’s attached to your hip. With the help of this portable safety mitt you can grab door handles, hold safety bars on the bus or subway, and touch just about anything else during these weird infectious times we currently live in.

And since it is made of silicon, you can easily clean and wash it for re-use. And when the special time pass, you can even use it as over mitt. Coming with four different color and animal shapes, do you want to have one? If yes, you can order it from thedewdrop’s Esty store.

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