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Awesome Dragon Gloves with Crochet Scales

The dragon fever still continues. After the dragon inspired jewelry, here is the dragon gloves from Mareshop on Etsy! 100% hand crochet and made with wool, acrylic, and mohair, these dragon gloves will not...


Game of Thrones Inspired Dragon Jewellery

Do you ever want to have your own dragon, just like Daenerys Targaryen in the ‘Game of Thrones”. And now, you can, sort of, with the fantastic design created by Aelia Petro, Ontario based...


Adorable Drawn Dragon Playing With Everyday Object

Having a pet like toothless in not only in the movie, but also in the hands of Manik & Ratan, twin brothers based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are both cartoonist, animators, designers and shared...