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Whimsical Doodles Playing with Shadow

Shadow art might not be something new to our readers. We have featured many forms of shadow art on Deignswan and today we will love to present you with another creative set of drawings...


Dancing Shadow Sculptures

Called “Parade“, this interactive art installation is designed by Dpt. and Laurent Craste for the Chromatic festival in Montreal. The installation is placed inside a wooden cube with two porcelain vases lie on a...


Unusual Chandeliers Transformed from Recycled Bike Parts

Turning unused/unwanted items into something spectacular is always amazing. We have featured many creative recycle and upcycle work, and here is another great example of recycle art – Ballroom Luminoso. Created by Artists Joe...


Unusual Shadow Art Created Out of Trash

British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster skilfully skirt the boundaries between beauty and the shadowier aspects of humanity, playing with our perceptions as well as our notions of taste. The duo forms abstract...


Shinning Image: Innovative Floor Lamps Play Trick of Shadow

Shadow play has been enchanting people throughout the world for many centuries now. And today, we will show you some interesting floor lamps called “shinning image” designed by Michael Rösing and Dennis Thies. Inspired...


Amazing Shadow Art – Shadow Sculptures

One year ago, we featured a post about 16 amazing shadow art. Today, we will present you another set of incredible shadow sculptures created by Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens. Still Lies


16 Amazing Shadow Art

I once wrote a post introduce some Interesting kagee Shadow Picture from ancient Japan. Today I will present you with 16 amazing modern shadow art. In the post, garbage, paper, wood, human body….can cast...


Interesting kagee Shadow Picture

Kage-e (”shadow pictures”) — a popular form of Edo-period(Japan) woodblock print — were appreciated by children and adults and commonly used as party gags. These pictures consist of two parts: a “shadow” image and...