Nature’s Tiniest Architects

Doesn’t like human, we trained ourselves to do something. Some insects have gift which is borned with them. Those tiny architects can build something really amazing, perfectly balanced and well structured. When you first look at them, you might think those bug buildings appear manmade—tiny log cabins, gates, tents, and fortresses blocking each insect from the world just beyond their carefully placed twigs and segments of silk. However, not many of us have the chances to see those tiny architectures. Thanks to Singapore-based photographer Nicky Bay, he bought us below amazing photos and show us another world.

Nature’s Tiniest Architects
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Weird Apple! Existing Chance – One of One Million

Weird things happen in life…. Like food…Some of them are man made while some of them are totally nature…They might come out with funny shape, or giant size. However, this apple in this blog is one of the weirdest fruit I ever seen. At first glance, you will never believe it grows naturally like this, with such a perfect line between the green and the red. Experts say that the odds of finding an apple like that is more that one million to one.

Weird Apple! Existing Chance - One of One Million

Horticulturists say the colorings on the apple are probably caused by a random genetic mutation.

In such cases, the red side usually tastes sweeter than the green side – because it has seen more sunshine during its growth.


Interesting Möbius Strip Music Box

Interesting Möbius Strip Music BoxThe Möbius strip or Möbius band is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. The Möbius strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. It is also a ruled surface. (check on wiki)

It has been used to explain complex, meaningful ideas such as time travel. But this simple, trivial music box, which uses a punch strip in the shape of a Möbius strip, might be my favorite application of the idea. It’s a familiar tune which can be played upside-down and backwards, and then just backwards, and then upside-down and backwards again. Over and over, forever.
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