Creepy but Hilarious Valentine’s Day Card from Hubbawelcome

Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away and you probably have been swamped by tons of different Valentine’s day gift ideas. Now, as much as that sentiment is endearing, it might be fun to switch things up a bit – like what Hoxton-based art collective Hubbawelcome did with their “I love you so much” Valentine’s Day greeting cards. The cards feature earnest looking young chaps, professing their love for the other in funny, unique and perhaps even disturbing ways. These unique greeting cards are hilarious, twisted and definitely worth checking out!

Creepy but Hilarious Valentine's Day Card from Hubbawelcome

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10 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Typography Designs

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrating love and affection. Of course, love should be celebrated every day and our hearts should always be imbued with it. In this case, you life will become entirely wonderful, diverting, bright. Today we are sharing 10 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Typography which can be perfectly used in any Valentine themed posters or brochures. Thanks those talented artists create those beautiful design and help us express our feeling to someone in this creative way of designing. Hope you like them, click image to view the source.

10 Beautiful Valentine's Day Typography Designs

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