Interesting designs are everywhere. Some can be really simple looking yet able to deliver a strong message across to the public. T-Shirts are part of our daily lives. Hence, lots of company are sending out their advertising t-shirts to promote the public awareness. Instead of regular logo tee, some advertisement t-shirt are really creative and eye-catching, like the 10 t-shirts presented in this post.

Streetwear, like a –shirt, is so easy to style and wear at casual events. And a fun print on a shirt can take it up a notch.

Surely many people are looking for these kinds of shirts, and they sell like hotcakes online.

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1. Zoo Safari: T-shirts [link]

The headlines are “Zoo Safari. You’ve never been so close to a lion “and” Zoo Safari. You’ve never been so close to a tiger.” Action in which people walked through the city wearing t-shirts with a lion’s footprint, or torn by tiger’s claw. This is such an effective way of promoting a destination. The eye-catching and realistic print will make people want to check the place out.

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs

2. Powerhouse Health club [link]

This is a satire of the need to work out. An inlet-outlet rubber is attached to the t-shirt, the guy is giving an impression of an air balloon and powerhouse is the ultimate destination to let the air out

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
3. FedEx T-Shirt [link]

T-shirt designed for a FedEx campaign makes it look like the wearer is carrying a FedEx envelope around. It’s trulyimpressive what modernheat presstechnologycan achieve.

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
4. Eu Yan Sang H4H Hair Formula: T-shirt [link]

I guess this T-shirt can only be used where people’s hair is black… otherwise, it will be weird if real hair is red or brown

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
5. JWT New York: Intern shirts [link]

JWT New York had a grueling 10-week summer internship to creatives. They were given daily projects and made to work long hours and weekends. To prepare them for the intense experience, they were given t-shirts with silkscreen-printed sweat stains and rips that resembled whip marks.

The whip marks, looked so real and the ad agency really made a noise with this shirt and took the creativity of their staff to the next level.

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
6. Marshall Music: Experiential T-shirts [link]

Earlier this year, Music Connection re-branded as Marshall Music. These promotional t-shirts were originally designed to communicate the name change to the market, but due to their popularity, the tees are now for sale in the store.

A name change that sparked the demand for this T-shirt only means one thing, they were effective in communicating their goal, and increasing awareness for the brand.

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
7. Burger King Soccer Jersey [link]

As part of Burger King’s sponsorship of the Spanish soccer club Getafe for the 2009/2010 season, the soccer jerseys will be emblazoned with Burger King’s logo. But the jerserys have a secret: the King’s face is on the inside of the shirt for those dramatic goal-scoring moments when players flip their jerserys over their heads and run around.

A sure motivation for the team to play well and a great partnership with a known brand. A great mix of strategies for a sports team and an icon in the food industry.

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
8. Promocotton: T-shirt [link]

When the shirt is good, the campaign continues. Promocotton – Promotional Shirts.

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
9. Clinica Marquez: Shirt Before/After [link]

Due to the boom of cosmetic surgeries in Colombia there is an over offer in the mass media of plastic surgeons and esthetic centers. Clinica Marquez makes this compaign. Put women wearing t-shirts as regular consumers in bars and clubs. The back of these t-shirts simulate the chest of a women without breasts (before), and the front of them, shows the results after breast implants (after, and the website of the clinic at the bottom)

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
10. Roland Semprie personal trainer: T-shirt [link]

Nice T shirt, I think it really works fine with athletic people. But I think it could be improved if the levels read as “work harder, almost there, in shape, etc.”

10 Creative and Interesting T-Shirt Designs
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