With the massive layoff happened around the world, many of us are in depression somehow. And layoff is just one of the bad things we come across in our life. The “Self care” project, created by Ukrainian artist Yuliya Osyka is a self-initiated social project, consisting of 12 illustrated posters dedicated to showing ways to live with depression and care for oneself.

The idea of the project came to be when the creator realized how often we may overlook the effects of minor daily choices on our well-being in the long run. The choices present in the project can be turned into regular habits, leading to an upward spiral in mood and physical health.

This is a reminder that the ultimate solution consists of many small steps and not one big leap. It is a tool to strive towards a life that is worth living.

Of course, we all have different needs and face different challenge. These steps might not fix all the issues. However, step by step, pick them as good habit and to acheive better mental health.

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