Big brands ruins was an experiment series by French digital artist Julien Tabet who challenged himself to learn 3D from scratch with Blender and to create one image per day for 365 days. The series of images presented here is part of her process of learning the basics of 3D composition and modeling.

According to Tabet, “I’ve always had a fascination for post-apocalyptic environments where nature has taken over our cities. So I imagined a world in which some of the major brands of this world have been abandoned and are just some memories of a past civilization. There is no particular message behind these images, which was just a way for me to have fun and practice, but feel free to interpret them in your way!”

Although this is Tabet’s new creation, it somehow perfectly match what happen these days – the big layoff from these big brands. Maybe, one day, these big brands will just like ruins in the picture, fading out from our life.

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