17.6 square meters is fairly small space for a single person to live in, especially taking the space needed for kitchen and bathroom into consideration. The space used to be a piano studio and has a 3.4 meters high ceiling which is not a lot but enough to allow a mezzanine level.

This micro apartment has been redesigned by studio A Little Design recently, with architect Szumin Wang as lead. As if the tiny footprint wasn’t challenging enough, the apartment also has concrete beams running through it, making it even more difficult to organize the spaces properly. However, the architect still managed to come up with a wonderful plan.

Given the very reduced proportions of the apartment, the palette of colors and materials used throughout are minimal. The built-in furniture and multifunctional elements are very space-efficient and ideal in this case. To better make of space, the location of bathroom and kitchen has been switched. The kitchen and the entryway became one and the same, allowing the fridge to be placed under the stairs alongside a set of storage cupboards. The bathroom now has more sunlight than before and a mirror door which helps it appear larger.

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