Lego, one of the most amazing inventions…not only as a toy, it is a wonderful creation for promoting creativity.

In this post, we will present you 17 movie posters recreated with that unique-tongue-in-cheek style you can only get with Lego bricks and minifigs. Poster printing like this will be a prefect decoration at home for those Lego and movie fans, really unique and creative.

X-Men Origins [link]

X-Men Origins

I am Legend [link]

I am Legend

The Simpsons Movie [link]

The Simpsons Movie

Rocky Balboa [link]

Rocky Balboa

Reservoir Dogs [link]

Reservoir Dogs

Forrest Gump [link]

Forrest Gump

Bourne Ultimitium [link]

Bourne Ultimitium

Jaws [link]


300 [link]

300 Lego Poster

James Bond – Quantum Of Solace [link]

James Bond – Quantum Of Solace

ET [link]


Public Enemies [link]

Public Enemies

Indiana Jones [link]

Indiana Jones

Inglourious Basterds [link]

Inglourious Basterds

The Terminal [link]

The Terminal

Night At The Museum [link]

Night At The Museum

The last one is Screen shot from the LEGO site. I gotta say, this poster is pretty awesome. [link]

Creative Lego Poster
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