Living in city means many of us don’t have the luxury of having a garden. Not to mention to enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon garden. However, the concept of teacup miniature garden in this article might make up your regrets. Now, you can turn your vintage teacups into miniature planters and add a bit of enchantment anywhere in your home.

Making use of any mini accessories you can find, like kids toys and left over decorations, you can easily set up your very own mini teacup garden.

Although there are many creative teacup garden ideas around, there are several key items you need to make it:

  • A teacup (drill a small hole in the bottom if you can)
  • Soil, Decorative pebbles, or aquarium rocks
  • Small pebbles or rocks for drainage
  • Mini accessories and figurines (you can find these decoration in flea market, dollar store, thrift shop or simply check your kids old toys if you have)
  • Plants that need low maintain and won’t grow crazily, such as succulents, Cactus, Moss, smaller Grasses

If you are not sure how these miniature teacup garden will look like, we have handpicked several creative ideas. Use these as inspirations and create your own version. Believe me, it can be a great source of energy for both health and mind.

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