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Adorable Animal Planters Bring Smile on Your Face

Life is tough but sometimes a little small things can lighten up and let the life flow, for example those little adorable planters crafted by Japanese shop Harimogura. Aardvarks, kangaroos, cats, crocodiles or rabbits,...


Air Bonsai: Grow and Nature Your Floating Little Star

Floating bonsai now comes to reality! Created by designers at The Hoshinchu Team, this little “floating plant” is called “Air Bonsai” which consists of the bottom half called the “energy base” and the floating...


Robert Planta: Most Adorable Plant Pot

Designswan have featured many interesting planter design, to help you bring some freshness to the home. And today, we want to present you the most adorable plant pot we’ve seen Robert Planta. Inspired from...