Like pokemon? Love gardening? Want to have some cute greenery on your table? Bulbasaur planter (amazon) is there for you. This bright green and cute frog has magic “Plant” power and will be a lovely home for your input plant.

Made for medium and large sized plants such as succulents, echeveria, jade plants, cactus and many more! It can also used as a decorative piece around your home or office. Crafted with high quality PVC material, that is non-toxic and is paint glazed and heat treated for added color and strength.

It has a drain hole at the bottle. So the water can be drained after watering. But it comes with a rubber plug which can be plugged. So you can use it as a table decoration plus storage to keep your desk clean.

If you have friends or family who love gardening or pokelover, don’t hesitate to make it the perfect gift. [buy on amazon]

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