Step into the surreal world of Sui Park, where nylon zip ties undergo a captivating metamorphosis into ethereal sculptures that seamlessly bridge the realms of nature and technology. Based in New York, Park’s artistic prowess transforms industrial materials into mesmerizing forms that cascade down gallery walls and sprout in vibrant clusters within public spaces, evoking the aesthetic allure of sea anemones, bulbous spores, and organic cells.

One of Park’s recent ventures, “City Ecology“, unfolds as a captivating collection of 32 sculptures nestled among the flower beds and landscaping of Bella Azbug Park in Hudson Yards. Amidst the lush greenery and autumn leaves, these otherworldly creations become vivid, eye-catching additions to the urban oasis, blurring the boundaries between the artificial and the organic.

Park’s meticulous process involves hand-dyeing plastic materials in an array of bold colors, ranging from azure blues to fiery reds and sunny yellows. The interlacing of these vibrantly hued stripes transforms into biomorphic forms that defy conventional expectations. In her recent works like “Fermented Mixture” and “Molecule,” Park intertwines ties of diverse hues, exploring the emergent possibilities that arise from complex connections.

As “City Ecology” graces New York until the year’s end, Sui Park continues to push artistic boundaries. Her upcoming project, inspired by the ocean-atmosphere at twilight, promises to be another captivating exploration of form and color. Dive into the mesmerizing universe of Sui Park through her website and Instagram, where each creation unfolds as a testament to the boundless creativity that arises from the fusion of the organic and the synthetic.

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