2D latte art ins quite common these days. When you enjoy you latte in restaurant, you might see some pretty pattern or drawing on your coffee. 3D latte isn’t something new, but isn’t as popular as it is in Asia. We have featured adorable 3D latte art by Singapore artist Periperipeng and Japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto. And today, we will present you works from another Japanese artist Runa Kato who recreates all kinds of cute characters in foam, the most recent of which to catch our eye is a chubby Slowpoke (a type of Pokémon).

This Slowpoke lounges atop a cappuccino, with a belly so round the spoon seems to bounce off of it, an impressive testament to the consistency of Kato’s creations. More than simply adding a few coffee-colored squiggles and some fluffy foam, the artist actually makes you want to play with your latte. Kato’s 3D latte art begs to be poked and prodded.

Besides these playful 3D lattes, Kato also has a large collection of 2D latter works. You can head over to her Instagram page for find more.

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