Continuing the journey of the paper wigs creation, artists Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin are taking the historical accessory of white powdery wigs to a whole new level. The talented duo works entirely with paper to create intricate baroque inspired paper wigs. Kozina and Kozin like to imbue their wigs with contemporary images of sophistication and wealth, like planes and skyscrapers. Other decorations include butterflies, flowers, feathers and even swords @_@. They will also add layers of cut paper that are styled to emulate vintage geometric hairstyles. As said, these intricate wigs take an average of one week to make from conception to the physical product.

Kozina and Kozin’s headdresses are so unique and get a lot of attention as wearable art and fine art sculptures. In December 2019, the two artists were asked to accessorize the models of Dolce & Gabbana’s runway show. I guess that is probably the best usage of these wigs. Other than that, I couldn’t think any reason why we need such things. Anyway, I am just a vulgar person and don’t fully understand the meaning of ART. Also, I still have to admit, the paper wigs look stunning.

If you like such work, you can see more artwork by following them on Behance and Instagram.

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