Urban living has many advantages, but it also comes with several drawbacks. There are plenty of reasons to live in the city – but there are just as many reasons not to do so. City dwellers have access to all sorts of (potentially) great things: culture, entertainment, dining options galore, and more. Cities offer opportunities for social interaction that you might not find elsewhere. And they’re good places for making money because there’s always someone looking for your services or products.  On the other hand, living in the city means being exposed to pollution regularly which can lead to health problems like asthma and respiratory illness; crime rates tend to be higher than those found in suburbs, and noise levels are often intolerable. If you’re looking for a respite from city life, consider moving to the country. Here are four benefits of doing so:

You’ll get more rest

It’s a myth that if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll be less mentally sharp. Many people find themselves more focused and alert when they don’t get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. Research has shown that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to brain damage over time though, so it’s important to make sure your lifestyle choices are healthy ones. Substituting your loud urban apartment for a custom cabin home in the country is a great way to ensure you’re getting enough rest. There are no honking horns or sirens to keep you up at night, and the fresh air and peaceful surroundings will do wonders for your mind and body.

You’ll save money

Urbanites often pay a premium for the convenience of living close to everything they need. From groceries to transportation, city residents typically spend more on essentials than their rural counterparts. By moving out of the city and into a cottage house in the country, you’ll be able to slash your living expenses significantly. And don’t forget that there are plenty of things to do in the country that are free (or very cheap), like hiking, exploring local nature preserves, and visiting small-town festivals

You’ll get more exercise

It’s no secret that Americans are fat. Obesity rates are higher in rural areas than they are in cities, but that doesn’t mean that people living in the country are automatically thin. The fact is, most of us just don’t get enough exercise. If you’re looking to improve your health, moving to the country is a great way to do it. A secluded rural house can provide easy access to nature trails and hiking paths, which make it easy to get in your daily dose of physical activity without having to go very far

You’ll reduce your environmental impact

Living in the city has a negative effect on the environment – there’s no getting around that. From the emissions created by cars and buses to the amount of waste generated by large populations, cities are some of the most unsustainable places on earth. By moving to the country, you’ll be doing your part to reduce your environmental impact. A traditional village house is a perfect way to do this because they are usually made with natural materials that won’t end up in a landfill.

When it comes time to move on from city life, consider a custom cabin home in the country as an option. You’ll get more rest, save money, get more exercise, and reduce your environmental impact. These are just a few of the many benefits of making the switch.

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