Architects: Ewa Czerny
Photographs: Stan Zajączkowski
Area : 29 m²

29 sqm is a rather small space to live in. Therefore the priority of this makeover was to maximize the space and to create an independent bedroom. The ceiling at 3,7m didn’t allow the designer to create two equivalent levels, but it was possible to build a semi-mezzanine.

Hence, a huge bed area is built on top of the bathroom, hallway and wardrobe section. To increase the storage, the stairs to the semi-mezzanine level double as bookcases. Along the hallway, there are tons of storage for shoes and clothing.

Since the bed is moved to the air, there are plenty space on the ground to have living room, kitchen, dining area and even a small office area.

This is a quite good example for maximize living space on limite square footage.

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