Making an eye-catching website these days is supposed to be a piece of cake, right? Not exactly. While simple looks of a certain website may often mislead you to believe that designing is something anyone could do, seeing a complex website can on the other hand give you an impression that web designing is reserved only for the ones with an IQ above 150. As always, the truth is somewhere in between. If you’ve wondered where to find examples on how to create an irresistible online story, we bring you the list of 5 amazing websites that will blow your mind.

1. Best Super Dynamic Website Design: Wonderwall

One of the best movable designs on the web is arguably coming from Japan. To be more precise, this work-of-art and a master piece in terms of originality and concept was brought into the e-world by the head and hands of Masamichi Katayama.

The first thing you notice upon landing on Wonderwall is a spectacular background divided into six mobile columns whereby present slides constantly change their place and size.

5 Amazing Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

2. Best Magazine Website Design: Vogue

Fashion industry has been earning millions worldwide for decades. Thousands of thousands of talented, creative and hardworking people working with clothes, shoes and purses have figured out that online presentation is an upgraded term for a business card.

Magazine websites are the ones making sure that all those serious fashion fans won’t be left behind in terms of being informed on the newest fashion collections and offers. Design solution coming from Vogue is an ideal example of how magazine-like formats on the web should build their visual identity.

5 Amazing Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

3. Best Interactive Multimedia Website Design: The Wilderness Downtown

Created for the purpose of showing off the capabilities of the new Google Chrome browser, The Wilderness Downtown is actually an interactive multimedia video coded in HTML5. The project was directed by Chris Milk and supported by a number of Google experts.

The unbelievable idea standing behind the project focuses on a single thing – our childhoods. In short, the site asks visitors to leave their childhood’s addresses, while Google Maps and Street View do the work of integrating it all into the story.

5 Amazing Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

4. Best Online Gambling Website Design: AskGamblers

The online gambling industry is highly concentrated on leaving a powerful visual impression on users. Therefore, elements such as modern design, easy on the eye font type and catchy colour scheme are a must for brands that wishing to stand out from others.

By fulfilling all of the aforementioned preconditions, AskGamblers is a great role model for how a top-quality website should be presented in an online gaming space. As the most reliable and unbiased source of online casinos out there, AskGamblers have managed to use their sleek design to additionally attract visitors to their site.

5 Amazing Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Best Social Sound Website Design: SoundCloud

Regardless of whether you will choose to be a creator, listener or curator of sounds, checking out SoundCloud platform is a recommendable thing to do.

As the world’s leading social sound platform, SoundCloud provides a whole range of possibilities including discovering, streaming and sharing a constantly expanding mix of music genres from all over the world.

5 Amazing Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

At the end, one conclusion raises above all others – designers are the ones who will embrace the IT future and it is upon us to wait and be entertained by all those wonderful website design concepts that are yet to come into our e-lives.

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