Felt panels are a great way to transform and customize your home while staying on a relatively comfortable budget. There are many uses for felt panels beyond sound absorption and several ways to get creative with these wall installations. Felt wall panels can add color to your living room, practical value for your kitchen, and an artistic appeal for your workspace.

Felt panels are available from retailers in set patterns or with a customizable design. Each panel is sold as a separate piece for customizable designs but won’t cost more than the pre-set designs. You can construct the custom designs for the panels online through a few retailers and even upload a photo to see how the felt panels will look once you install them.

Installing felt panels for your space is easy- each tile comes with a set of adhesives that stick to the wall and easily peel back without damaging the paint. You’ll want to begin the installation process with a single tile, checking to make sure it’s level and properly aligned. You should interlock the remaining tiles from this initial piece until the design is complete, working outwards from the starting point. Installing felt tiles is easy and shouldn’t take more than half an hour for most configurations.

Felt panels are easy to clean, and unlike other sound-dampening options, the color does not fade over time. They are also significantly more environmentally friendly, with select retailers offering felt panels made materials like recycled bottles or other PET plastic. Interested in getting started with felt panels for your home? Here are a few creative ways you can use felt in your space.

Office Background

Since COVID hit, many Americans have been working from home on a consistent basis, even with restrictions beginning to ease. If you are looking for a way to build out your home office design, you may want to consider adding felt panels to the wall behind your desk. A neat design for your office wall makes for a great background on video calls and conferences and is often a fun talking point when speaking remotely with your co-workers.

For offices, you’ll want to keep your felt designs professional and straightforward in appearance, with clean patterns in a square or oval shape. Avoid colors that could be distracting or are too bright, such as red or yellow. Grey, blue, and black is a great place to start for home office colors. For more ideas, take a look at this blog on the best color schemes for home offices.

Decorate Hallways

In many homes, the hallway is one of the most difficult spaces to decorate properly. Given the narrow layout of this space, there are very few furniture options and specific requirements for the size and shape of wall hangings. Because felt panels have a customizable design, you can choose a selection of panels in a pattern that fits the narrow profile of your hallway. You’ll need to stick to simple patterns because of the space constraints, but you’ll see an immediate boost for this space’s decorative appeal.

Pinboard for Home and Office

Corkboards on their own have a limited and relatively unattractive design, but felt panels serve the same purpose with a stylish appeal. Felt panels are just as easy to maintain as a corkboard and still work with all manner of office tacks and pins. Felt panels can also serve as a notice board for your home, with photos, events, or other important information- similar to how you might add memos to your fridge.

Felt panels can also be significantly cheaper than corkboards for most spaces and are often a much-appreciated addition to office spaces. If a bulletin board or corkboard is essential to your productivity at work or at home, you may want to consider adding felt tiles as a replacement. Don’t forget that the sound-dampening capabilities of felt panels are also great for increasing productivity and efficiency in rooms with an echo or other noisy spaces.

Felt Panels for Kid’s Rooms

The customizable designs available with felt panels can make a fun addition to children’s bedrooms or other play spaces. Many pre-set felt patterns are available with shapes like castles, palm trees, or mountains that can serve as inspiration for you or your child to design a new bedroom backdrop. The weight and texture of the felt panels are risk-free for small children and toddlers.

Sound-Proofing for Entertainment Systems or Home Theater

Sound-proofing is one of the most popular reasons for adding felt panels to your space. For homes with an entertainment center, recording booth, or home theater, felt panels are essential for optimizing sound quality. Felt panels help improve your home acoustics by reducing echos and minimizing noise from neighboring rooms or apartments. Felt panels can also reduce the noise from busy streets or highways near your home.

When installing felt panels for an entertainment room or home theater, there’s no need to cover entire walls- a few panels throughout the space should be enough to improve the acoustic quality of your movies, tv, and games. For more information, check out this guide on how to soundproof a home theater. For a recording booth, you should aim to cover at least fifty percent of your wall space. Note that too many panels can increase the room’s temperature, particularly for smaller areas. Rooms with felt panels generally have a warmer and more comfortable acoustic quality, particularly if the room does not have carpeting.

Conclusion- 5 Creative Ways to Use Felt Panels in Your Home and Workspace

There are many creative ways to use felt panels in your home and office beyond soundproofing. There is a wide range of colors and patterns to work with, so it may take some experimenting to find out what works best for your space. Felt panels are easy to install and make for an excellent low-cost upgrade to any room’s acoustic and decorative appeal.

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