Magdalena Żołnierowicz is a Poland-based illustration artist with a passion for watercolors and owls.

According to the artist, she began her owl-painting journey a couple of years ago. Since then, Żołnierowicz has painted so many owls that she loses count. And also because of this each owls under Żołnierowicz’s brush have their own, unique style!

Although I am not a big fan of owls, I kindly like the fluffy, cutie owls by Żołnierowicz. Especially these little tiny ones. It was said, there are about 250 species of owls in the world. They live on every continent except icy Antarctica. Not sure does Żołnierowicz do an extensive research on owls so she can draw so many kinds. Or she just draws with her imagination.

Żołnierowicz shares her unique work on her Instagram profile called magdalena.illustration. Therefore, if you want to see more owl paintings from Żołnierowicz, don’t forget to follow her there. There are more beautiful watercolor paintings besides owl paintings.

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