Embroidery, not just a needle and thread, it represents endless creative possibilities in the hands of embroidery artists. Floor Giebels, aka Full Metal Needle, is one artist who goes beyond the traditions of the craft by incorporating photography into her stitching art.

Instead of creating complex landscape like other artists do, Giebels use printed image like ocean, grassy fields and forests as background. Then Stich figures with their backs turned towards the camera, looking out at these picturesque landscapes.

A key element of Giebels’ stitching is her subjects’ hair. This is where she uses the fuzziness of the thread to her advantage. Giebels employs the thread painting technique to convey the shadows and highlights on a braided coif or long loose hairstyle. Placing certain hues side-by-side creates a realistic effect that complements the photography it’s stitched on. The results are a unique form of mixed media art.

Take a look at some of Giebels amazing work. You can find more on her Instagram and even purchase some of the work from her Etsy shop.

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