Emma Bruschi infuses the timeless elegance of ancient harvest rituals into her captivating rye sculptures. ⁤⁤Working with a traditional long-handled scythe on her family’s farm in Haute-Savoie, Bruschi harvests straw, skillfully weaving and knotting it into stunning jewelry and charming “harvest bouquets.” ⁤⁤These small yet enchanting works celebrate the inherent allure of the crop, accentuating its textures and shapes. ⁤⁤The result is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and agricultural ritual, evoking symbols of fertility and timeless growth from days of yore. ⁤

⁤To streamline the intricate process of separating a single piece of straw, Bruschi collaborated with the PEF workshop in Pantin to create a special tool that efficiently zips up the center of the shoot. ⁤⁤In an interview, Emma emphasizes the importance of transmitting ancient techniques, ensuring they endure in the modern world. ⁤⁤She explains, “Straw-working tools are sometimes scarce or of poor quality. ⁤⁤So it seemed logical to me to reproduce these ancient tools with today’s means.” ⁤

⁤Head over to Emma Bruschi’s Instagram to witness the straw splitter in action, and explore her shop to discover the unique bouquets and earrings that embody the rich legacy of ancient farming traditions. ⁤

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