Teo Zirinis, aka HandsOffMyDinosaur is an illustrator from Greece who likes to silly visual puns and look at things from a quirky perspective. Inspired by food, books, cartoons and everyday life, Zirinis always tries to look things from positive side and turns these into his work.

We have been following Zirinis for quite a while and you can see we talked about his previous work (here, here and here). And today, we will show you a new series – space and solar system collection.

Earth, Mars, Moon, comics, and the other plants have such unique personalities in Zirinis’ hands. Imagining these celestial bodies in weird, improbable, sometimes relatable situations is so much fun.

So here are a few of our personal favorite solar system shenanigans. Take a look and these sweet masterpieces will definitely make your day brighter and put a big smile on your face.

More info: Instagram | handsoffmydinosaur.com | Etsy

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