Did you know that blasting is used for cleaning or roughening the concrete? Being a concrete finishing technique, you may want the blasting outcome to be perfect for aesthetic reasons. Besides, it helps in stripping concrete of dirt or adhesive in preparation for painting or new coating. When using blasting to produce a unique texture or pattern, you can lightly clean the concrete or cut it more deeply to achieve non-slip applications. Besides, sandblasting removes weak surface layers by opening surface void to produce a clean, strong substrate.

Moreover, blasting removes tough stains, slag of welded materials, and layers of paint. It will also help if you use it for cleaning and texturing corners and tight spots. Read on to find out the tips for achieving the best result during blasting:

Proper Technique Is Key

To achieve a pleasant result, it will help if you start with small hidden areas to test the results before doing the entire surface. Testing a small area will help you understand how the finished work will appear, plus it guides you into judging if the steps are well done or if you need to improve. Besides, you also need to set the machine to lower pressure while positioning the nozzle between 8 to 16 inches from the body to prevent great effects on the surface. Remember maintaining the same distance from the surface throughout the process enables you to achieve uniform penetration. Also, short bursts for corners and tight areas will be best.

Maintain Safety During the Process

The worker’s safety is paramount hence the need to be extra careful when using abrasive blasting. If not well-handled, you can expose your workers to crystalline silica or other substances that can increase the chances of lung damage. Similarly, the process can expose the workers to risky dust and toxic metals, which can cause diseases. Remember your teams also need protective gear like Goggles, gloves ear the protection, and steel-toed boots, not forgetting a coverall for protection. Do not forget that the working area requires good ventilation and use a drop cloth to cover exposed areas. It would also help if you avoid drinking and eating in the sandblasting area to avoid poisoning.

Pick the Right Blaster

Choosing the right blaster for the job will ensure good results. Similarly, siphon or pressurized blaster work best in different environments. For example, when working outside on a vehicle, you need a siphon blaster, which is much slower to help you emphasize details. Besides, the siphon blasters are less problematic since you need to replace the nozzle often. Similarly, since the blaster is slower, you can retain more sand which you can re-use hence cutting the cost of the material you need. Pressurized blasters are meant for big jobs, so you can opt to use them if the project you are working on is big. Besides, since the pressurized blasters are spraying at high speed, you can complete your work within the shortest time possible.

Use Dry Sand

You have to use clean sand with consistence size for easy flow. Similarly, if the sand is too fine, you will likely end up with a sand cake that may not fit your purpose. It will also help if you ensure that the sand is free of debris to prevent your machine from clogging, plus quality sand ensures you get a quality finish. You do not want to repeat the work simply because you opted for low-quality sand, which you can avoid.

Consider the Material You Are Finishing

There are different blasting options, and the one you choose must fit the finished surface. For instance, some surfaces require a bead blast finish, while others will require a sandblast finish. When you finish the cabinet, you may need to use bead blast, while abrasive blasting is suitable for cleaning metal surfaces. Depending on the finishing you desire, you can choose the blasting type that gives you the best finish at a reasonable cost.

In case you hire someone to help finish your work by blasting, it would be best if you do due diligence by confirming their work experience plus qualifications. You do not want to hire someone who will do a shoddy job. Similarly, it would help if you look at the internet for companies that offer sandblasting services before working with the one with the best deal in terms of services and price.

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