Your website is arguably the most important online representation of your business. This has been true for years now, so even in the age of social media, you can’t afford to overlook or under-utilize it.

The contact page is a part of your site that can easily be ignored and neglected, or even be designed in the wrong way from day one. So if you’re looking to put together a new WordPress site, or you have one already that you want to improve, what elements go together to make a contact page that really pops?

Your Company’s Phone Number

Having your business’s phone number clearly visible on your WordPress website contact page is essential. It helps visitors quickly and easily get in touch with you. If they need immediate assistance, a telephone call is often the best way to reach out.

Make sure you list a valid and active number that customers can actually use to connect with someone from your company or team. If you move over to new phone systems, don’t forget to update this info on your contact page as well.

You should also consider using an international format if you offer products and services globally, or have customers around the world that may not be familiar with local calling codes.

Additionally, include opening hours during which people can expect their calls to be answered. This will prevent unnecessary frustration, and give you a window within which to anticipate inbound calls from customers.

Other Crucial Contact Information

Along with your phone number and relevant info relating to it, you should strive to include several other key pieces of contact info.

Start by including your business’s name, geographic address, email address, and any social media links. This will make it easy for people to get in touch with you in a way that suits them best.

You should also consider adding a short description of what type of customer service or product inquiries can be directed through this page. This helps visitors understand if they have landed on the right page from the outset, and the assistance that’s available to them.

Crafting an Engaging Content Message

It’s not enough to simply have contact details on your WordPress website. You also need to incorporate engaging content in order to draw visitors in and encourage them to take action.

Whether you choose a friendly welcome message, a description of the services or products offered by your business, or even customer testimonials, ensure that it is written in language which resonates with the target audience.

You should also consider linking customers back to other pages within your site for further information if needed. This provides more insight into what they can expect from their interaction with your company and gives them useful resources at their fingertips.

Finally, don’t forget about adding images or videos where relevant, as these can often be much more effective than words alone in boosting visitor engagement.

Creating a Form that Collects Essential Data

An effective contact page should include an online form which collects essential data from customers in order to process their query or request. This could be anything from personal details such as name and address, to specific requirements for your service. The key is to make sure you are collecting only the information necessary, and nothing superfluous or potentially invasive from a privacy regulation perspective.

When designing this form, give visitors clear instructions of what they need to do and why they are being asked certain questions. Doing so will help them understand how their data will be used, thus encouraging more people to complete it.

Using dropdowns or radio buttons instead of open text boxes can often simplify processes by providing multiple choice answers. You should also give visitors the freedom to express their issue in their own words, and an indication of how quickly they can expect a response from your team.

Ensuring Your Contact Page is Visible & Easy to Find

Having a contact page on your WordPress website is only useful if visitors can easily find it. Make sure that you include the link in your site’s main navigation menu and footer, so even those who are unfamiliar with the layout of your site will be able to discover it quickly and without frustration.

You should also consider adding relevant keywords or phrases into any descriptions associated with this page. This will help search engine crawlers index it more effectively for people searching online.

Lastly, don’t forget about optimizing the loading speed of this page too, as slow response times will put customers off from completing forms or making inquiries altogether.

The Bottom Line

Regularly reviewing and updating your WordPress contact page will pay off in the long run, even if it involves work on your part. The easier it is for people to get in touch with you, the bigger the impact your site will have on the growth of your company.

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