A personal swimming pool is perfect for making those hot summer months bearable. Soaking in the pool with your family is a great way to spend your lazy afternoons. At the same time, swimming pools are also a major cause of accidents, especially when children and pets are involved. That is unless you have some essential pool safety features in place.

No matter whether you are planning to construct a swimming pool, or already own one, you need to have proper security measures in place. If you are unsure of what you need to do to make your pool safer, here are a few features worth considering.

1. Pool covers

Getting a pool cover is the best way to avoid accidents when you are not around. These are tough covers that can easily withstand the weight of adults without sinking into the water. Going for anchored pool covers is a safer option as kids won’t be able to remove them easily.

Pool covers have additional benefits too. These can prevent dirt and debris from falling into the pool. Moreover, they are also useful for maintaining the temperature of the water.

2. Fencing

A pool safety fence is a great option that can prevent kids from wandering into the pool in your absence. To ensure safety, it’s best to go for one that’s much taller than your kid and is preferably self-closing and self-latching.

Along with making your pool more secure, such barriers also enhance its overall look.

3. Pool alarm systems

While a pool cover and fencing can reduce the chances of accidents, they cannot totally eliminate it. A pool alarm is a great additional safety feature that can alert you if someone gets into the pool in your absence.

These can be installed on the ground, fencing, or pool cover depending on your choice. Some underwater alarms can also detect motions in the water to send out an alert!

4. Emergency rescue kit

It’s best to be equipped with an emergency kit at all times, even if you have security measures in place. A first aid kit and rescue equipment would ensure that you are well-prepared against any accident.

Some of the essential equipment includes lifebuoy rings, rescue tubes, inflatable vests, etc. Also, make sure you keep them in an easily accessible place!

5. Water treatment and testing equipment

While ensuring safety features around your pool, don’t neglect the water itself! Dirty pool water can cause skin infections and allergies. To avoid that, you need to regularly check the chemical balance of the water.

Pool test kits are an easy way of checking the water pH and chlorine levels. You can also opt for professional services to do the same.

The inclusion of the above features can make your pool safe for children and pets. If you still have any doubts, opting for pool safety inspection services like Poolinspec is a good idea. These services can help you accurately determine your pool’s safety levels.

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