A roof inspection is when you engage a professional roofer to check on your roof and determine how long it may last and when it needs replacements. In other words, a roof inspection tests the roof’s integrity by evaluating its entire condition.

So, do roofers do roof inspections? Yes, certified roofers are the most qualified contractors to undertake your roof inspections.Here you will learn what a roof inspector will be checking during a roof inspection and why it is crucial to inspect it.

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What Do Roof Contractors Check During a Roof Inspection?

The roof inspection process may not always involve roofers climbing to your house to undertake a thorough check. Instead, roofers can use special procedures to determine how long your roof will last and when you will need to replace it.

When planning a roof inspection, it’s vital to work with professional roofers. Reliable roofing companies like Roof Master & Construction will walk you through the roof inspection process and provide you with an estimate of any repairs.

The roof inspection procedure will involve checking on various parameters such as the following:

1. Visible Roof Leaks or Water Stains

Any professional roofer will first examine your house’s interior to check for any water intrusion. It can be evident through a stained ceiling. If a leak is noticeable, they can recommend repairs or roof replacement depending on the level of damage.

2. The Attics Ventilation

Your attic ventilation is another crucial factor that determines the lifespan of your roof. Proper attic ventilation ensures good airflow, preventing hot and cold air from getting trapped inside. Therefore, a well-ventilated attic translates to a long life to your roof, while poorly ventilated attics shortens the lifespan of your roof.

3. Evidence of Algae or Moss

As a homeowner, you may ignore the presence of a green-roof-like appearance on your roof. However, the presence of algae and moss is a red flag that shortens the lifespan of your roof.Algae and moss slowly break down the structural components of your roofing material, eventually causing leaks.

The menace can get cleared through a thorough cleaning of the roof. You can do the cleaning yourself or opt to hire a roofer for safety purposes.

4. The Roof Flashing

A roofer will also check on all roof flashing to determine if it is still in good shape. Rusty roof flashings are a liability and might not be in a position to hold the elements in place and prevent any water intrusion.

If the integrity of the roof flashings is questionable, then the roofer will recommend a replacement.

5. Your Chimney

Chimneys are roof penetrations, and when their mortar, cap, or flashings are not in good condition, it calls for roof inspections.

For instance, if you notice something growing out of the mortar, it means that your chimney is allowing water intrusion. At this point, the roofer can help fix the chimney or might recommend a chimney specialist to assist in the repairs.

6. The Roof Shingles

How is your roof installation? Proper roof installation is crucial in determining the durability and integrity of your roof.The roof shingles need to be installed correctly for your roof to have a longer lifespan. Thankfully, expert roofers will inspect if the shingles are loose, missing, or cracked and recommend repairs.

Also, while inspecting, the roofer will check if some nails drove sideways and caused bumps or got into cracks and backed out. If a roofer identifies any problem, they will recommend repairs and give a cost estimate.

7. Your Gutters

The integrity of your gutters and downspouts is another crucial aspect that determines the life of your roof. A roof inspector will also check on your gutters and downspouts to identify any unusual signs.

The roofers will check if there are cracks or openings on your gutters or downspouts. Also, they will check on any blockages that can cause restricted flow, thus encouraging the growth of vegetation or debris.

If there is standing water in the gutters, it implies that the gutters were twisted in the wrong direction and need to be adjusted. Also, regular cleaning of your gutters can fix the blockage problem, while cracks require repairs or replacements.

Why Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

Based on the points above, you can tell that a roof inspection reveals any danger to your roof. Here are the reasons to inspect your roof.

a) To Avoid Costly Replacement

When you engage a roof inspector, they identify the problem early enough before any significant damage occurs. For instance, hiring a roof inspector every year or after experiencing heavy storms or snow will save you considerable time.

Regular roof inspection determines the presence of cracks, leaks, or blockage that can compromise the integrity of your roof.

Early intervention will help fix the problem before it becomes a menace. Failure to undertake regular roof inspection can lead to significant losses and eventually call for a complete roof replacement which is quite expensive.

b) You Can Seek Warranty Repairs

Some roof repairs get covered under warranty repairs. A professional roof inspector will advise you on whether to file for warranty claims.Timely identification of any roof problems can help you to secure warranty repairs saving you money.

c) It Gives Peace of Mind

If your roof gets inspected and the problems identified are fixed, safety is assured. You can take the most extended nap even during heavy storms.

d) It Assures Regular Maintenance Of Your Roof

Regular roof inspections recommend regular maintenance. Therefore, you should clean your roof regularly to remove any foreign materials and unblock the drains. A properly maintained roof prolongs its lifespan and saves you money in the long term.

Final Word

A roof inspection is one of the critical aspects that determine the integrity of your roof. With the help of a professional roofer, you can perform roof inspections and determine any impending danger. So, to save money and have peace of mind, hire the services of a reputable roof inspector at least once a year and after any occurrence of heavy storms or snow.

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