Often plumbing problems go unnoticed until they have become somewhat serious. Maintaining plumbing in a home is essential to avoid disaster. But, most people don’t pay much attention until a dripping tap keeps them awake at night. Or perhaps when a puddle appears out of nowhere.

There are times when the need for a plumber is unavoidable. Emergencies do happen with clogged drains and the like. Yet, plumbers offer many other services that are beneficial to homeowners. You are likely unaware of some of the ways that professional plumbers could help you.

Plumbers can spot problems that will later lead to expensive repairs if ignored. And plumbers can also identify health hazards. This guide will assist you to navigate through the many services that plumbers offer.

Residential plumbing services

Plumbers help business owners and fix problems on commercial premises too. But, for the purpose of this guide, residential services will be looked at. Though, many plumbing problems and services are relatable to any type of property.

Visiting https://grahamandsonsplumbing.com.au/emergency-service/ helps to make clear the number of services that plumbers offer. These include preventative work as well as common plumbing services.

Services that are offered by plumbers today include:

  • Common services
  • Emergency services
  • Installation
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance

Leaking faucets and pipes are very common plumbing problems. Often, small plumbing problems can be fixed by replacing a washer or small parts. But, plumbers are trained to identify potentially bigger problems that may appear shortly.

Common plumbing problems and services

Certain signs may point to plumbing services being needed. Often, these aren’t emergencies but just general wear on a home’s plumbing system. Parts wear out, and fixtures need replacing. Pipes can corrode and leak too.

Dripping taps

An extremely common household issue is dripping taps and faucets. The sound of a leaky tap can disrupt sleep and is also a waste of water. For those with a DIY disposition, a leaky faucet is often an easy job to fix.

However you fix this, leaky taps should never be ignored. As time progresses, the leak will become larger and more water will be lost.

Leaking pipes

The same has to be said for leaking pipes. Water that is wasted from leakages not only pushes utility bills up but will damage the home too. A professional plumber will replace corroded pipework and ensure your pipework is stable.

A plumber can also check to see what damage may have been caused by the leak and identify any problems such as mold growth. Over time, leaks can cause significant damage. Ignoring them will leave you taking steps for water damage restoration.

Lack of hot water

Plumbers can identify problems with water heaters and heating systems. Having a professional fix your water heater will ensure the work is guaranteed. Professional plumbers also have the correct tools plus the experience to fix appliances such as this.

Emergency plumbing problems

Some problems demand more immediate attention than a leaky faucet. The smell of gas may indicate a leak that must be fixed quickly. Some emergency problems represent health hazards, while others are more damaging to property.

Sewer system problems

Blockages and toilets backing up are hazardous to health. Not to mention downright unpleasant. Unfortunately, sewer lines and waste pipes can get clogged. Sometimes people flush non-organic material that blocks pipes up.

Sewers backing up and clogged pipes need immediate attention. Emergency plumbers are able to respond and help local customers quickly.

Blocked drains

Similarly, blocked drains can represent an emergency plumbing problem. When a drain becomes blocked it may start to overflow. This water can cause damage to a home. And blocked drains can lead to burst pipes which will cause more damage.

Burst pipes

There are simple reasons why freezing pipes burst, but the damage they cause is anything but simple. Burst pipes can lead to flooding and serious property damage. In this event, the main water valve should be shut off and an emergency plumber called straight away.

Gas leaks

Emergency services should be alerted for major gas leaks outside the home. But, emergency plumbers are qualified to deal with heating systems that use gas. Whatever you do, do not try to tackle the problem yourself apart from shutting off the gas valve.

Plumbing installation services

Plumbers are capable of installing many appliances and fixtures. Plumbers can easily install dishwashers and washing machines, along with more complicated plumbing systems.

Water heaters and tanks

Plumbers can install water tanks for freshwater, and may even be able to help with rainwater harvesting. Many plumbers are offering green services now to help homes become more eco-friendly. This includes drain water heat recovery systems and eco-friendly flushing systems for bathrooms.

Any suitably qualified plumber can also install central heating systems. Working with gas boilers and heaters requires certification.

Plumbing maintenance and inspections

It is beneficial to have regular plumbing inspections on commercial premises. Inspections help to spot problems and discover the root cause before anything worse happens. Homeowners can also take advantage of plumbing services in this way to potentially save money on future problems.

Inspections identify plumbing issues

A plumber’s inspection can help to spot anything from health hazards to serious plumbing problems. The plumber will carry out a number of tests designed to test the integrity of the plumbing system.

Maintenance to prevent problems

You may prepare a home against natural disasters but sometimes catastrophe strikes within. Burst pipes or water tanks can flood a home in minutes. Inspections and maintenance help to prevent these kinds of problems from ever surfacing.

Water damage can build up behind the scenes of a home. Small leaks can lead to dampness and impact the health of residents. Maintaining plumbing systems helps to stop bigger problems from developing.

Recognizing good plumbing services

It is one thing to understand how a plumber might help you to maintain your home. But, it is another thing to pick the best service.

Factors that should come to mind when choosing a plumber include these:

  • Warranties
  • Licenses
  • Insurance
  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Range of services
  • Pricing and estimates
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism

Professional plumbers should be licensed and certified. Their reputation is vitally important too. Hiring a local plumber is the best route, but look into their experience and reputation before committing.

Knowledge is a key consideration also. A good plumber will be able to impart advice for making your home more energy efficient. Simple DIY tips such as insulating pipes help to prevent heat loss for example.

Pricing should be transparent, and estimates freely given. Professionalism is important too. Do the plumbers wear uniforms, and how good is the customer service of the company? And one final factor is guarantees and warranties. Ask your chosen plumber what quality guarantee they provide and if their work comes with a warranty.


Plumbers provide more than just a few basic services. They are available for those unexpected emergencies, and also to install new heating systems.

Green plumbing services include rainwater harvesting and heat recovery systems. A professional plumber can not only fix your leaky tap but advise on how you might cut your utility bills.

Perhaps best of all, regular inspections can help to avoid unwanted plumbing disasters that occur when you least want them.

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