Do you see nothing wrong with your mattress, but you wake up with body pain? Most people pay no emphasis to the kind of mattresses they use. Sleep is a crucial aspect of life that can either make you feel great or worse. Unwinding at the end of the day is essential for better sleep, but a mattress and mattress toppers also play a pivotal role. Sleep helps in boosting mental health and making your feel energetic to power through the day. It is a great idea to invest in a mattress that helps in enhancing your sleep quality.

How often do you change your mattress? Some people do not change the mattress for a lifetime because it seems to be in perfect condition. Everything in life needs an upgrade, and so does your mattress. However, people are unable to decide when they need to change their mattresses. How often should a mattress be replaced? If you are seeking an answer to the question above, you need to consider some factors. You may not visually see anything wrong with your mattress. However, the comfort level reduces significantly when your mattress needs an up-gradation. In this article, we will talk about a few signs that will allow you to analyze when you need to change your mattress.

Signs that you need a better mattress:

Does your mattress really matter? If you think that a mattress is an unnecessary investment, then you are mistaken. Mattresses help in enhancing your sleep quality and comfort. When you go to a posh hotel, you love sleeping in a luxurious bed. Investing and switching mattresses regularly is something every individual must focus on. A mattress has health effects that surface after a few years. Let’s have a look at five essential signs that signal you need a mattress change:

The mattress’s age:

Some people do not switch the mattress for a lifetime which is an issue as they indirectly compromise their health. A mattress’s life is not more than five to ten years, and people use it for longer than that. Some mattresses do come with a more extended warranty, and it is okay to use it as long as it retains its shape. However, mattresses lose their shape after a certain period and start to compress. If the mattress becomes flat and does not bounce back when you lay on it, it is a sign that you need a mattress upgrade.

If you do not have the budget to buy a brand-new mattress, you can look at some installment options provided by various service providers. Mattress toppers are also a great option to alleviate the comfort of a mattress. Mattress toppers with a good amount of cushioning adjust to a user’s spine, which helps fight back pain. These toppers have an outstanding feature by which they can mold their shape as per the spine of a patient who’s suffering from the backpain. Thus, if your mattress is dying and you are saving up money to buy a high-quality mattress, a good mattress topper can help you get through the waiting period. Check out mattress toppers here:

Body pain:

Do you ever wake up feeling tired even though you have had enough sleep? It is common for people to wake up tired, and there are many reasons for it. It is essential to pinpoint the reasons and get to the root cause of body pain. Usually, your mattress is the reason why you feel tired in the morning. The mattress, over a period, can sag, unable to hold your body weight correctly. Your spine and pressure points have no support while you sleep. Body pain or back pain is one of the biggest reasons that you need to upgrade your mattress.

Challenging to find a comfortable position:

We all have a specific position that we like to sleep in. Some people want to sleep on their stomachs, some on their back, and some on their sides. There are many advanced mattresses available in the market that support multiple sleeping positions. Some days you may have difficulty in finding your comfortable position to sleep. However, if you feel difficulty finding the correct sleeping position every day, then there is something wrong with your mattress. You must try to change your mattress and invest in one that mainly supports the position you like to sleep in.

Visible wear and tear:

We cover our mattresses with plush beddings, and the mattress is not visible most of the time. If your mattress looks damaged and has visible tears, chances are it would not provide you great comfort. You need to consider changing your mattress after you start noticing visible wear and tears, especially in a spring mattress. Excessive jumping on the mattress can cause the springs to pop out faster than it usually does. These springs can hurt you if you sleep or rest. Hence, do not ignore the visible wear and tear signs if you want to avoid health concerns.

Excessive bone-cracking and tingling:

Do you ever wake with a body tingling and numb arms or legs? An unsupportive mattress with no proper technology can make you wake up multiple times during the night. The numbness and constant tingling sensation are a sign that your mattress cuts off the body’s oxygen or blood supply while you sleep. You wake up feeling cranky and not well-rested. The uncomfortable numb feeling can cause a lot of body pain in the long run. If you keep waking up in the middle of the night, you will not feel that great the next day. Hence, grab onto the sign and start looking for a mattress that makes you sleep better.


Mattress and mattress toppers do make a substantial difference in your sleep and avoid back pain. Most people think that a mattress is a lifetime investment, and you do not need to switch it ever. However, you are wrong, and you must change your mattress every 5 to 10 years. We have some of our key indicators that determine that you need to switch your mattress now. If you are experiencing the same signs, you know what to do.

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