Forbes ranking billionaire Hasso Plattner once said, “successful companies obviously have people with ideas and energy.” Any company’s workforce reciprocates what has been given to them. If a company’s corporate culture is not energetic, innovative, and progressive, the employees will follow suit by being complacent in their respective roles. For a workforce to show up and give off 100% of their efforts, each individual intensely loves the corporate culture. Here are five strategies to use when establishing a strong corporate culture.

Promoting equality in the workplace

Gender and racial inequality hinder the implementation of positive workplace culture efforts you have been making. Discrimination of any kind goes against the code of conduct in almost all companies. If a company fails to play by its rules by turning a blind eye to discrimination, it is even harder to get employees on board with its corporate culture.

For a strong culture in the workplace, everyone must feel welcome and heard at all times. Promoting equality from the highest levels of executive governance will pave the way for a strong culture. Some practical measures you can take are hiring and onboarding employees without prejudice to gender or race. Within the company, strive to offer leadership roles to any qualifying individual of any racial group or gender without any bias.

Healthy work environment

Creating a healthy work environment with vibrant energies results in satisfied employees willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. There is much more involved in making a work environment healthy than making office space conducive to work. Make it lovable and understand the brand voice and messaging your company has. Try to align that energy with the mood at the office. For those working with offices around the globe or working with remote teams, consider adding virtual team building to encourage this same energy.  Setting up team-building events to encourage camaraderie and develop a working environment that is positive, will help drive strong corporate culture.

For example, Tesla’s office environment is built around precision, sustainability, and perfection. You can feel that when walking through the doors of Tesla’s offices, and it aligns with this company’s brand voice. Doing so in your office will instill the company culture and cement it in the workforce’s mind. Choose the best Tampa office rentals that align with your company culture and brand voice.

Incentivizing employees through gamification

A little bit of healthy competition between employees keeps them on their toes and frosty for any challenges that might come up. Through gamification, you can create a competitive company culture where employees are consistently trying to upskill. Instead of awarding projects to teams at your discretion, consider letting them bid for them by proposing ideas. The team with the best ideas gets to handle it and receives an incentive after completion.

Using gamification to award projects promotes innovative and progressive thinking. Both these characteristics are hallmarks of a strong corporate culture. Other incentives could be rewarding best-performing teams with a half or full day off work if certain targets are reached before a set timeframe. You can brainstorm incentives based on the work each team fulfills in the company, but make it worthwhile for full cooperation from employees.

Adapt to progressive technologies

Most companies globally are moving towards using progressive technologies, which changes some corporate culture principles. Regardless of the industry you are in, it is your responsibility to be aware of any related tech being implemented. Using new tech can build a strong corporate culture revolving around innovation and futuristic ideas.

Open the platform for employees to propose technologies that could optimize respective workflows and promote productivity. Another method of improving productivity using tech is making telecommuting or remote work official. Having a hybrid workforce and allowing employees to freely alternate between working at home on some days and at the office on others established a progressive corporate culture. Keep an ear to the ground by attending any tech summits related to your industry and be in attendance to adapt easily.

Periodically assess employee performance

Assessing employee performance periodically keeps the workforce on its toes and trying to blend in with the corporate culture. Being the odd one out in terms of dress and grooming, work performance, teamwork, and other aspects leads to a negative review. Employees know this, and subsequently, they will rather learn to love the corporate culture than put their employment status at risk. Rewarding your employee is something you should always do after review their performance. To make your corporate awards truly special and in line with your branding, be sure to shop for corporate awards that align with your company’s design aesthetics and convey your message effectively.

Have KPIs or benchmarks to gauge the performance of each employee and annually conduct the assessments. Afterward, send a letter of commendation thanking them for their service if the results are up to standard. If not, send a letter with points to improve on and try to work with each employee to get them to adjust to your corporate culture.

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