Nowadays, it is rare to find someone who doesn’t own digitalized households or smart devices, like a smart TV for example, in their home. Because these devices became a necessity in our everyday lives, technology companies have decided to take further steps and design smart versions of many other things. Your household no longer includes the traditional kitchen appliances or simple devices such as the classic alarm clock. Instead, the invention of smart ovens, refrigerators and thermostats turned your home into what is now known as a “smart home”.

According to statistics, about 47% of millennials say that they already own some kind of smart device in their home. However, having all these smart devices leads to a very interesting question which especially concerns those who want to incorporate the latest tech into their traditional decor. If your goal is to have an undeniably chic and smart home at the same time, take a look at these stylish tips on how to blend your tech with your preferred aesthetics.

1. Appliances designed to maximize your convenience

Smart appliances can certainly maximize your convenience and they can be easily incorporated into your home decor. For example, the smart AC control systems are an excellent investment because they provide many benefits compared to the regular air conditioning unit. They also blend effortlessly with their design into any home interior. Their biggest advantage is that they let you control the temperature in your home while you are away using only your smartphone. The air conditioner remote control increases energy productivity while at the same time reducing your electricity bills. Most importantly, if you don’t want to buy a smart AC unit, then this is the way to turn your regular AC into a smart one using the smart Wi-Fi AC controller device that sends infrared signals. These devices can be connected through a wireless network and you can also control your smart AC unit when you aren’t at home.

There are many smart appliances you can incorporate into your home decor to maximize convenience and look stylish at the same time. Other ideas may include a smart kitchen worktop or a slim TV stand which will also be great focal points in your home.

2. Bring in the sound

Another very stylish smart device that is becoming more popular among tech owners are the smart speakers. The best thing about them is that not only do they produce better sounds, but they can also make your life easier. In fact, these speakers allow you to make calls through them, ask about the weather and most importantly, listen to your favorite music. In addition, they exist in many styles and a variety of colors that can match anyone’s home design. For example, if you are sticking to a minimalistic interior design in your home, the Apple HomePod is an excellent option that will look great in your living room or bedroom. You can place it on a bookshelf or next to your nightstand to complement any design scheme. Or, if you don’t want it to be noticeable at all, you can pair it with a vase decorated with flowers to create a blended effect.

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

3. Change the ambiance

If you are looking to give your home a much-needed warmth and style, you can do that by incorporating smart lights. In general, lighting is one of the most important overlooked factors when you are designing your home. If you incorporate the right lighting, you will be able to change the tone and vibe of your space. For example, the smart LED light system provides stunning color effects for your home which you can control using an app, your touch or voice. The colors of the LED lights can change according to the music creating a whole new vibe in your living room or bedroom. The beauty of these smart lights is that you can combine them in such a way in order to create a unique shape, creating a beautiful piece of art that will certainly be your focal point when you enter the room.

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4. Add other stylish gadgets

There are many other smart technology devices that seem more elegant than earlier inventions of home gadgetry. For example, the invention of smart alarm clocks can certainly wake you up in style. They come in different designs that can match any minimalistic or bolder bedroom look. The Echo Dot with Clock, for instance, has a LED light providing colorful wake-up lights which additionally add to the style of your room. Also, you can make your cooking easier with some very cool kitchen devices. For example, adding a smart toaster not only makes your peanut butter toast quicker, but it lets you choose the level of crispiness you want. Another smart kitchen device is the automatic pan stirrer which stirs the food for you while you are cooking something else on the side. The list of such stylish gadgets is long, so make sure you look for those which will complement your interior and be functional, too.

Photo of Amazon Echo Spot

5. Merge your tech

One important rule to remember is that the design of any room must merge with your smart equipment. This means that your devices, especially the smaller gadgets, should seem as if they are part of your living space. One way to achieve that balance between aesthetics and technology is to style your tech with items that belong to the same or a similar color palette. For example, if the dominant colors in your living room are white and pastel yellow, incorporating a bright pink LED TV frame would look out of space. Another way is to hide the cords because they look very unappealing in a smart home. Besides going wireless, another creative option to hide the cords is by matching the color of the cord to the baseboard and let it run close to the floor. In any case, the key is to merge your smart tech within your interior to make a statement and be practical at the same time.

Final thoughts

Technology is evolving with the speed of light and people will continue to be dependent on it. Because of this, interior designers are turning smart tech inventions into trendy decorations that will complement any home decor. Smart technologies usually strive for a minimalistic look, trying not to clutter your living space with too many gadgets. The key is to create a relaxing and technologically equipped environment at the same time. With that being said, make sure you incorporate some of these tips so you can have both a smart home and chic style.

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