In the digital age of TikTok videos and Instagram reels, conventional and old-school methods like stickers can get overlooked. Way back in 1935, when Stanton Avery created the self-adhesive stickers, little did he know the impact his creation would have on brand recognition. 

After more than 35 years, these stickers are a fun and versatile way to get your name out there and ensure people recognize your brand. From stickers on the roll to tape, these stickers are the top way to get your brand in front of new customers without forcing them to make a purchase.

Stickers are a form of marketing that’s not pushy and benefit from being approved by customers. These tiny little things can send messages about anything, even if the design has a simple logo. What’s more interesting is that stickers boost your online and offline marketing. 


You can stick them literally at any imaginable place!

If you want sticker marketing to showcase your brand to potential customers, we provide a list of ways to use stickers.

Let’s get started!

5 Ways business stickers can improve your brand recognition

Here are five ways to ensure customers remember your brand:

1. Make it your brand advocate

Have you ever seen a colleague’s laptop having a GoPro sticker stuck on the front panel? Or an Apple sticker on non-mac laptops?

These are all stickers that a company uses to promote its brand.

Often, companies give printed stickers as a giveaway item to make their customer experience pleasant. Having your brand’s sticker on a laptop or phone makes it easier for your colleague and hundreds of others who view it to recognize your brand. 

As a brand, you have successfully reached hundreds of others who are not your direct customers. 

The stickers work as a visibility item and provide an outstanding opportunity to communicate with customers and make your brand recognizable and unique.

Using print stickers for advertising not only increases business exposure but also helps in generating profits. 

Pro-tip: Making your stickers, your brand advocate can help in increasing brand awareness. 

2. Incorporate them in your overall promotion campaign

When you make stickers an integral part of your promotion campaign, it increases brand recognition because customers can recollect your brand.

You can provide links to your website or social media pages on your stickers and other contact information. This way, customers help you contact you effortlessly whenever you need it.

On the positive side, if customers see stickers on portable items like smartphone covers and water bottles, they can contact you. You can even use branded stickers to help customers sign up for your newsletters.

If you want your sticker marketing to reap the desired results, make it an integral aspect of your marketing campaign. Streamlining your sticker campaigns with other marketing efforts can yield the desired results.

Interesting statistics: Did you know that 90% of customers trust friends and family members over targeted advertising. When they see a brand sticker on their family member’s phone or laptop, they’re more likely to connect with that brand.

3. Sell your stickers as branded merchandise

Impulse purchases at the checkout process are one of the most effective tactics for increasing order value.

If you have a retail store, focus on placing custom stickers with unique slogans near the checkout table where customers might think about making another purchase. Branded merchandise can help you win your audience’s trust.

If your business sells products online, create a dedicated accessory section to offer free stickers with every purchase above a certain amount. This might help in increasing order value and elevates your branding efforts because when customers stick these stickers on their accessories, other people are likely to see them.

Pro-tip: Using custom-made stickers can showcase your brand personality and increase your brand awareness and bottom line.

4. Focus on smart targeting

More than any other advertising medium, companies can place stickers in creative places to gather the audience’s attention and make them recognize and remember your brand. For instance, a mouth wash company placed its stickers on the ceiling above the dentists. Another company placed stickers on fruits, saying, “Do you thoroughly check your breasts?”

Seeing such unique stickers placed at different places enhances your brand’s awareness and allows customers to recognize your brand.


Another smart sticker placement and targeting strategy is placing stickers in the shape of animal claws or footprints leading from the front door to special sales.

Smart targeting is an innovative and creative way to reach customers authentically.

Interesting statistics: With customers seeing an average of 4000-10,000 advertisements every day, custom stickers with innovative designs and slogans can be a welcome change for your customers.

5. Give stickers at grand opening and special events

Are you throwing a grand opening or organizing a special event for your brand to drive traffic to your offline store?

Try to give away your stickers along with the samples of your product.

If customers like your free samples, they’re likely to use these stickers on one or more of their items like laptops, bags, or phones.

Though a free sample can help you secure a new customer, stickers can help brand awareness and recognition.

Giving stickers at the grand opening and special events is an inexpensive way of marketing your business to many people at once.

You can even focus on promoting your company using bumper stickers. As consumers apply the stickers on their vehicles, its free advertising can reach areas that you might not even anticipate.

It’s a simple and cheap way to build your brand awareness.

The more stickers are seen on personal items, the more brand awareness you can create.

Examples of marketing campaigns that used branded stickers

While you might be still apprehensive about using a custom sticker to increase brand awareness, some companies mastered the art of sticker marketing. While Reddit is a popular company that uses stickers to promote websites, other companies used their creativity skills to launch innovative advertising campaigns. Here are examples of some companies that used branded stickers:

Wilkinson Eggs

The razor manufacturing company advertised their latest collection in egg containers. They pasted bald men’s faces on eggs to show off the clean shave their razor provides.

Their sticker marketing concept was a great hit and instantly clicked with customers and helped the company increase its customer base.

Crosswalk strip of Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean, a top-floor cleaning product, used stickers most innovatively. The company painted one stripe of the crosswalk with white color, leaving the others muddy and dirty. This helped in showing customers how their cleaning product enhanced the cleaning surface.

Canon’s underwater camera

To market their underwater camera in the best possible place, Canon placed the camera stickers in sinks in public places. This showed customers that their cameras could withstand submersion in water. It was one of the unique places to put a sticker to capture the audience’s attention.

Tyskie beer mug door handle

To promote their product, the company pasted stickers of life-size beer mug stickers and placed them on door handles of restaurants, pubs, and shops. It’s a very creative way to promote the product in Poland.

From the above examples, it’s clear that the sky’s the limit for sticker marketing. The right sticker stuck at the right location can provide results that exemplify and help a brand increase its brand awareness.

Let’s stick it together

In the gimmick of an online marketing campaign, don’t distract yourself from the authentic advertising space of the physical world.

The rise of custom online printing means that it’s now more accessible and more affordable because you can get them printed at any time.

The joy of sticker marketing is that it provides a blank canvas for you to imprint your messages, creativity, and brand ethos.

Use your stickers as an opportunity to exemplify your brand and reach customers who otherwise would have been difficult to achieve.

Remember that the goal of your sticker marketing is not increasing direct sales but enhancing brand awareness.

Stickers help a brand engage the customers in the initial phases of their customer’s journey. Stickers are a powerful way for brand promotion and help create a visual appeal for the eyes.

For brands looking to increase their brand recognition and awareness, they can no longer afford to overlook the power of stickers!

So, how are you printing your stickers to advertise your brand and promote it?

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