Label design trends are something that everyone who sells a product needs to know about.  Labels are a key part of the branding and design of a product as well as a way to give purchasers the information that they need.  So, what are the big trends for 2020 that may help you choose the perfect style, material and finish to your labels?

Keep it simple

Going back to basics is a big trend in label design for 2020 – minimising elements used and including only what needs to be there.  People are short of time and don’t want to spend ages reading a label to find out what they need to know so this means ensuring the most relevant information is there and anything extra is omitted.

If in doubt, go with a minimal, simple design that includes basic branding and the most key information.

Go for custom fonts

We see a lot of branding nowadays and if you see fonts you recognise from one brand on another, the two can almost blend together.  That’s why another big trend for 2020 is the use of custom fonts.  This allows your brand to have its own identity, right down to a unique looking font, that will help it stay in the customer’s mind.

Think about the style of font that complements your brand – hand-lettering, fluid, retro or even a natural texture.  Using a custom font that fits in with other branding elements but is unique to your company can help your product stand out.

Incorporate colour psychology

Colours have a direct impact on emotions and therefore are a very key part of designing labels and in branding in general.  That means every time you design a label, you need to be thinking about colour psychology and how this will impact the product you are offering.

Studies have shown that people remember colour even ahead of product names or brands.  This means using colour in a more advanced way than just choosing a nice shade for the product bottle – it is about using science to help people remember your product for longer.

Use illustrations to tell stories

Labels don’t want to include unnecessary information in most cases but what you can do is to get into the trend of using illustrations to tell the brand’s stories and as narratives.  This doesn’t need to be used on every product and in a heavy-duty way, but a simple illustration can help to attract people’s attention.

Try to go for something that is crafted specifically for your brand, a little like custom fonts.  That way you can have an illustration or a set that are uniquely yours and can tell the story of your brand in quick and simple ways that are ideal for use on labels.

Consider different materials

Labels aren’t always just about short term paper product labelling but sometimes can be about labelling a product or piece of equipment for a much longer time.  That’s where different materials and finishes can be used.  One trend is the use of anodising aluminium nameplates and labels to make them resilient and long-lasting.

This kind of long-lasting label can be used for anything from labelling a piece of machinery to a desk nameplate or even a vehicle.  The idea is to be able to have some element of branding while preserving the label, so it lasts for the longest time.

Try eco-friendly options

If you are looking at product labels, then looking at sustainable materials for that labelling is the last big trend to mention for 2020.  Going green (although not always in colour) is something more businesses want to do and being able to tell customers you have eco-friendly labelling can help sway some customers.  Plus, you are doing your bit towards helping the environment.

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