Music and videos are a vital part of creating content for any business. They engage your audience and draws attention to the subject. As a result, business owners are always in search of high-quality music and videos to use for their business.

Royalty-Free music allows users to create engaging content for businesses. Wondering how? Read below to find out the different ways to use royalty-free music and videos for business.

What’s Royalty-Free Music and Videos?

This term has a lot of misconceptions. In this article, it’s essential to clarify first what exactly is royalty-free music before delving into how to use royalty-free music and videos for business.

Royalty-Free Music and Video are a type of music and video collection that allows users to use the music or video for as long as they want, after paying a fixed one-time payment. It gives the legal right to buyers to use a song/video in any personal or business project of their choosing.

One of the advantages of royalty-free music and free stock videos is that they’re legal to use. Making use of them in your business ensures that you don’t go against any stipulated rules and regulations of using media. Besides, it also gives your business a legal outlook, as people are more interested in dealing with companies these days.

Another advantage of royalty-free music/video is that after the one-time payment, the user is no longer required to make any more payments, and they can also use the material for as long as they want. In other words, the song becomes yours, although the composer still retains copyrights.

A common misconception about royalty-free music and video is that some people believe they are free, probably because the word ‘free’ is part of the phrase. On the contrary, you have to buy royalty-free music and videos. The only condition is that you won’t be committed to paying royalties after the first payment.

Licensing for royalty-free music varies and depends on the agreement between the owner and buyer and some other factors. Differences may come in terms of the amount of one-time payment fee, the context for reproducing, etc.

7 Ways To Use Royalty-Free Music and Video For Business

Now that you know what exactly is royalty-free music and videos, here are 8 ways you can use them for your business:

1.Make Engaging Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are part of most businesses, especially those offering services. Making an instructional video without any music might be considered boring or non-engaging.

On the other hand, as long as you have a good audio interface, including royalty-free music in the background, could make such videos more engaging and livelier.

2. Marketing

Royalty-Free Music can be utilized as a strategic tool in business marketing. As marketing becomes an increasingly crucial part of business success, it’s essential to pay attention to the marketing process.

The main difference between a basic video and an engaging one is background music. It’s advisable to use royalty-free music and videos when it comes to marketing to avoid legal and copyrights issues.

Significantly, using royalty-free music or video for marketing can increase the success of marketing campaigns. It also aids in branding, drawing the attention of viewers, controlling perception, and creating an emotional connection with the targeted audience.

3. Use to Create Podcasts

Appropriate royalty-free music can create whatever mood you want in your business podcasts. The role of music in creating emotional connections cannot be overemphasized. For instance, a piece of relaxing music playing in the background can set the tone and mood of the podcast, creating a feeling of confidence, relaxation, and serenity.

In addition, having royalty-free music can add a professional and polished feel to your business podcasts. Plus, it also helps you avoid legal and copyright hassles.

4. Create Video Content

Every business, big or small, needs video content for creating awareness, marketing products/service, or just for general information. One of the fantastic sources you can always use is royalty-free music and videos.

Using royalty-free music/video in your video content is very important. Ever seen a movie without any background music? It looks dead! Good music brings life to your content. If you want to beautifully capture your visuals, then you need to include royalty-free music as part of your video content creation process.

5. For Presentations

Background music can make your business presentations livelier, connect you more to the audience, and make the whole process very engaging.

Once you have the right pitch, text, images, graphs, the next important thing to include is background music. Whether you’re delivering the presentation physically or online, the right background music can make all the difference in your performance.

However, using a copyrighted song in a presentation can land you in trouble. It’s better to make use of royalty-free music to be on the safe side.

6. Brand Building

It’s possible to use royalty-free music to build up your business brand. Part of the process of creating a brand is for your clients to identify with something unique to your business.

Buying a unique royalty theme song/music can make people associate such music to your brand. Besides, a good theme usually sticks to people’s minds and can be a great marketing tool, if used appropriately. Plus, it also makes your business stand out among its peers.

7. Create a Playlist for Stores and Live Events

Tired of listening to random music in your retail stores or business events? Then create your unique playlist mix with royalty-free music. In fact, unlike copyright music, you can even distribute the mix to people who are interested and make more money legally.

However, before redistributing royalty-free music, make sure you check and read the licensing agreement to ensure that you have not stepped out of the terms and agreement.


Music is a big part of promoting any business, but you cannot always use any music you desire for your business content. This is where royalty-free music comes to the rescue.

There are different ways you can utilize royalty-free music and videos for your business, from using it as part of your promotional content to engaging the audience and even building a business brand. Whichever way you chose to use royalty-free music and videos in your business, one thing is sure: when used appropriately, it can contribute to business success.

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