Sometimes, a little thing can change the whole life of someone and that is actually happened to Moscow-based artist Nastasya Shuljak. 10 years ago, when Shuljak is still a theater artist and art teacher, she received an unexpected gift from her friends — a pack of wool. She made a bear and a rabbit from it. Immediately, she fell in love with wool for its flexibility and the endless possibilities you can achieve with it.

Then Shuljak started to work with packs and packs of wools and gradually becomes a full-time toy designer. Shuljak’s creation are so cute, polar bears, foxes, hares or these mysterious plants with sprout on their heads. Shuljak’s toys are an exercise in the flexibility of the material and also a way to bring joy to all who meet them.

Shuljak teaches classes in Moscow on how to create the toys and also sells them via her Instagram store. But in most time, that store is empty since her creation is so popular. But if you just want to see Shuljak’s adorable handcraft, you can head over to her another Instagram page which display all her creation.

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