Blue and grey, two deep shades are not going along quite well without the right balance. While today, we will show you a successful case by BODES Studio which makes this powerful color combo work just right in the chic, modern apartment located in Moscow.

In this place, these two deep shades together can tip the scale from suave and soothing to oppressively sobering. A ribbed geometric panels are used to cut grey pauses between dark blue strips. The change in texture effectively lightens and energizes the shadowy aesthetic. Moreover, a round rug offsets the sharp geometrics and melds dark blue accents with lighter shades of grey.

At one side of the sofa, a geometric plant stand ties in with the ribbed panel wall. And simple plain black planters round out the indoor cactus garden, bring life to the place.

At the other side of sofa is a striking blue bookcase and cabinet combination. LED strips are installed to lighten the look, whilst decorative items naturally break up the large expanse. Walnut cabinet fronts also elegantly disrupt the color continuity and simplify the abundance of eye-catching items.

Moving into the kitchen diner, ink blue elements are swapped out for moments of teal, in the shape of a small sofa and a painted wall accent. A linear modern wall sconce highlights the teal and wood slatted wall feature. A black, white and grey kitchen draws an L-shape around the small dining spot.

The bathroom is a sanctuary away from the strong, evocative color palette. Warm beige and cool grey tiles balance each other out in the compact space. Recessed shelves even glow inside the shower wall to create a warm atmosphere.

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