Mug or cap seem to be one of the safest gifting options. It doesn’t require a lot of money and it is practical as well. One of my teacher friend one said she got over 20 mugs as Christmas gift. Hence, my suggestion is unless you can find a special, meaningful mug, it’s better not choose it as gift. Because a regular mug won’t properly show any of your care and will be just treated as a gift without too much thoughts.

Hence, picking a unique one is quite important. Like the mugs we presented here, which have tiny animal sculptures embedded into the side, are not only beautiful but also adorable. These adorably intricate mugs are crafted by self-taught ceramicist and artist Brooke Knippa of the AP Curiosities Art Studio. Knippa crafted various wildlife such as fox, whale, owl, bear into the mugs, which not only make the mugs look special but also making the drinking experience much cozier.

As many other artists, Knippa found herself extra time to explore new ideas during pandemic. She was making small ceramic animal pendants, but always felt they needed a home—a place to live. And now, she finally found them one – in her pottery creation.

Knippa does sells her animal mugs and other cute stuff on her website. But due to the popularity, all her works have been sold out. So right now, we can only check her Instagram to see these one-of-a-kind mug.

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