We have featured many creative street art work. Some of them are really time consuming, might take days to complete. While some of them are pretty simple, like the work from David Zinn, an artist from Michigan. Zinn’s creation is composed entirely of chalk, charcoal, and random objects found on the premises. Cracks, holes, and small grooves, all these imperfect things can be the inspiration for him.

According to Zinn “The honest truth about my art is that I am inspired by the absence of perfection as a possibility. The irregularities of the stained concrete, the limited hours of available daylight outdoors, perfection is blessedly not an option. Instead, there is just the lunatic joy of finding the most satisfying option that exists within those limitations.”

Most of his creatures appear on sidewalks in Michigan. But many have surfaced as far away as Manhattan, Sweden, and Taiwan. Below are some of Zinn’s creative and playful works. If you enjoy them, you should definitely head over to his Instagram page. There are tons of more street art from Zinn waiting for you to explore.

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