Akbar Erabiyan, an Iranian artist, is making waves in the digital art world with his unique 3D modelling skills. Using software like Maya, ZBrush and Houdini, Akbar creates stunning crochet dolls that look incredibly lifelike. What sets him apart is his incredible attention to detail and ability to add textures that give his creations a sense of realism.

Erabiyan’s latest masterpiece draws inspiration from the popular video game and HBO series, “The Last of Us,” where he creates strikingly accurate versions of the characters Joel and Ellie, as well as the terrifying “clickers.” However, he also loves creating his own designs that showcase his boundless imagination.

Erabiyan’s intricate and detailed work has gained admiration and attention from people all over the world, making him a significant contribution to the world of digital art. His unique talent and dedication to his craft have produced art that is both visually stunning and awe-inspiring. Whether he is replicating beloved characters or bringing his imagination to life, Erabiyan’s crochet dolls are truly a sight to behold.

With each new creation, Erabiyan continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of 3D modelling and digital art. His work stands as a testament to the power of imagination and the endless possibilities that come with embracing creativity.

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