When I first encountered the Automatic Dryer Box (amazon) for small pets, I was taken aback. Bathing and drying a cat at home is no easy feat, but is it so challenging that one should invest over $300 in a specialized dryer box? As someone without a cat, I might not be the best judge. However, for cat owners who dread the hissing, scratching, biting, and desperate escape attempts during post-bath drying, this dryer box could be a game-changer.

The dryer features a dual-channel “U” shaped air circulation system that extends from the belly to the head, covering even the hard-to-reach underarms. This design ensures a swift and thorough drying process, taking no more than 40 minutes. With 30% fresh air infusion and 12 large air outlets, it maintains natural ventilation, allowing pets to breathe comfortably and healthily.

Safety is a top priority with this device. It boasts overheating protection and a safety thermostat that keeps the temperature consistently at 101.3℉ (38.5℃). Should the temperature rise to 107.6℉ (42℃), the heating automatically shuts off. Additionally, the release of multimillion negative ions during the drying process leaves your pet’s fur silky and lustrous.

The spacious 60L interior is designed to minimize pet anxiety and stress, particularly in cats. With two blow modes and three adjustable airflow settings, the dryer can accommodate pets of various sizes and fur types, from short-haired to long-haired. The noise level is capped at a maximum of 55dB, significantly quieter than traditional hair dryers. It can comfortably fit four 6.6lb kittens, one 22lb adult cat, or one 16.5lb small-sized dog.

An innovative feature of the dryer box is its drawer-style water tray located at the bottom. It captures excess moisture from pet fur or any accidental spills, facilitating a faster drying process. Once the drying cycle is complete and the box is empty, an ozone function is available for odor elimination. The box can also serve as a disinfectant chamber for pet accessories like bowls, beds, and toys, ensuring your furry friend’s environment is not only dry but also clean and fresh. [Get from amazon]

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