When the weather gets cold, we saw more and more fallen leaves on street. Someone sees is as a kind of beauty of nature, while someone treats it like a mess since there are lots to clean up. But in artist Kanat Nurtazin‘s eyes, fallen leaf is a kind of canvas for art.

To make such leaf art, Nurtazins need to collect the right leaf first (usually in late summer and autumn). Nurtazin prefers to use maple leaves, due to their color, texture and shape. Then he draws on paper, glue paper on the leaf and cut the drawing with a razor knife. Roughly one work can take up to 2 weeks from the beginning to the final stage. It does sounds a lot of work right? Can’t imagine how someone can make intricate cutting like this on fragile leaves.

When asked why start to cut leaf, Nurtazin mentioned “What I really like in cutting leaves is that I control every step in the process and it is really satisfying to see the conversion from a basic leaf to an art piece. Leaf’s life is fleeting so as our lives and I am giving a second life to them to discover an untold story.”

Nurtazin has many stunning leaf cutting artwork on his Instagram page and you can view our previous article about him as well. Below are some of our favorite fall collection. It is time to have an autumn touch.

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