Road accidents are increasing and claiming the lives of over 1.3 million people every year. Besides that, it injures over 20 to 50 million people. Moreover, the damages from these accidents account for around 3 percent of the GDP of every nation. While the stats are alarming, what’s more concerning is that many of these accidents are avoidable. The drivers being distracted, the unclear road view, etc., could put the life of the driver and the vehicle at risk. But with technological advancements, it is possible to prevent these instances.

Holistic View

You can use a dashcam to provide the driver with a holistic view of the vehicle and its surroundings. Having a camera makes it possible to monitor the sound and video of the car at all times, making sure that the driver has the seat belt on, isn’t distracted, and is aware of all the oncoming vehicles. The rearview mirror is helpful to see the traffic behind your vehicle, but it is not effective at all times. When you have a GPS tracker with a camera installed, you can get a real-time picture of the traffic around you with a view. In addition, you can monitor any distraction in the driving pattern and alert the driver to avoid accidents.

Live Streaming Of Trip

If you are lending your vehicle to someone or you run commercial fleet services, it is important to be sure that your vehicle isn’t going off-track. When you have a camera with GPS installed, you can monitor and live-stream the entire ride from anywhere across the globe. The fact that the drive is being monitored will ensure the driver sticks to the prescribed route.

Legal Evidence

In most road accident cases, it is a case of he said-she said. This leads to an endless process of running around the court and paying the lawyers hefty fees all the time. However, if you have access to the live footage of the accident, it would be easy to prove your claims in court and get justice. The GPS with the camera will absolve any false claims of wrongdoings against the driver if you have the accident footage. It would serve as acceptable evidence against conflicting reports and claims in the case of an accident and close the case faster.


Stealing vehicles is a crime that is prevalent worldwide. Recovering it could be difficult as cops cannot track a vehicle if it is dismantled or repainted. However, if you have a camera and a GPS installed in your car, it is easy to set up geofencing on it. This means that your vehicle will not move beyond the distance that you have set up in the app. The geofencing feature particularly comes in handy for people who own trucks or cab services. You can be sure that your driver is not taking unnecessary turns, longer routes, and unnecessary detours just to add to the distance covered. It would also help you be sure that they do not miss work or take an unnecessary break. This, in turn, enhances productivity and profits.

You can restrict the driver’s movement if they try to travel beyond the necessary distance. The app also comes in handy to track and report the health of the vehicle. You could use it to create alerts on the speeding and braking system too. All this will not just ensure the safety of the vehicle but will also come in handy when you file for insurance. You would have substantial proof to suggest that your vehicle has been in optimal condition until the accident.

Emergency Assistance

We never know when a road emergency could occur and your driver could need help. This could be because of an accident, a vehicle intruder, or any other health risk that your driver battles while on the trip. Pulling out a phone to call someone might not be possible at all times. In such cases, the dash cam not just alerts you from the live footage. Still, most of these tools also come with a panic button that the driver could use to alert the authorities and the vehicle owner about the emergency. This will bring in help instantly and prevent any undesirable effects from the accident or attack.

These are just some of the many advantages of using a GPS camera in your car. Technological advancements make it possible for us to stay safe on the road at all times, and it is important to use it to the best of our advantage.

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