Food carving isn’t something new. While among all kinds of these, banana carving and avocado carving are the two most difficult ones in my mind. There are two reasons why I think that. First is these two are quite soft comparing with pumpkin or watermelon. And the second is because of the oxidation. If you don’t act quickly, these two are easily turning brown.

However, these difficulties don’t’ seem to bother Italian artist Daniele Barresi. He uses the green flesh as his canvas to create incredibly intricate avocado carvings. His avocado carvings are not only visually stunning, but they clearly demonstrate his expert skill.

From nature-inspired patterns to sculpted birds and other creatures, Barresi turns avocados into amazing works of art. Besides avocado sculptures, Barresi also carves from other fruits, vegetables and even soap. Take a look at some of Barres’s famous Avocado carving. Or you can follow him on Instagram to see his works crafted from other objects.

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