No one knows what will happen tomorrow. It applies to people, it applies to cat as well. Benson is a street cat that was rescued and adopted directly from the streets. And now, he is a true “cat influencer”.

Since arriving at his new home, Benson’s life has been totally changed. The fluffy cat has an entire wardrobe filled with exclusive pieces of clothing! Seriously! I even think he has more outfits than I have.

Benson was born in the United Arab Emirates but lives in the U.S. He’s easily the coolest cat you’ve ever seen. It is not only because his countless outfits but his quirky personality as well. However, these are not what amaze me mostly. In fact, I have no idea how his owner can keep dressing Benson up. That is totally not possible for my cat. What a cool cat!

Enough talking. Now, let’s scroll down to see some of our favorite photos of Benson – the true cat influencer. Trust us, it is not easy to choose only a several pictures. Definitely check out his Instagram page for more!

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