Being a mom or dad can be hard in this age where so many different things are demanding our attention at all times. From work to house chores, from cooking to entertaining guests; keeping track of all your tasks while accounting for a tiny person can be stressful.

Not to mention you don’t have to just take care of your kids at home — you might need to take them out with you. Whether it’s to run errands or drop them off at school, kids will tend to be restless when strapped into a car for any period of time.

Luckily there’s some cool car tech that you can buy to help out while traveling with children. These neat gadgets come in small and large sizes, but they all help out tremendously because after all, you’re the one that’s supposed to be driving, not your kids driving you crazy.

Buckle Me Up

If your kids are constantly unbuckling their seatbelts from discomfort or restlessness, there is a product that will help you monitor them. The Buckle Me Up wireless seatbelt monitors will instantly alert you whenever someone unbuckles their seatbelt.

It’s easy to set up and can be done in 2 minutes. It can be stressful constantly making sure that your kids have their seatbelts strapped in. This device will allow you to focus on the road and drive at ease knowing if your kids did remove their seatbelts, you would know.

Baby Car Seat Mirror

If you’re like me, you cannot go a minute without looking at your child. Babies need this attention too. It can be scary to be strapped to a chair inside a big metal cage for the first time so your baby needs support.

You can look at them freely and easily with a baby car seat mirror. Set one up so you can see your baby’s face through the rear-view mirror whilst driving.

IPad Headrest Mount

Tablets have made keeping your children entertained easy for the last decade. Just put a screen in front of them and say goodbye to looking after them constantly. But, in the car, your baby needs to separate from its YouTube machine.

An iPad headrest mount will allow you to set up an iPad for your child to watch in the car. You might think why not just hand them a tablet? Young children could easily break or drop a tablet into the inners of a seat and it’s a pain that distracts you from driving to get back for them.

Backseat Organizer

Kids tend to have a variety of belongings they need to have with them at all times. This can take the form of many things from toys to pet rocks. The problem Is how do you take all of their stuff and where do you put it?

Having an organizer hanging off the front of the back seat will provide an immediate place for toys, books, tablets, and bottles to be stored. Your child will be able to pick out and throw them around the car at your leisure.

Seat Protector

Cars are kind of expensive (and can’t be often sold for much). When we buy a brand-new car, we really try to take care of them the best we can for as long we can. I think we reach a point though where our cars get pretty messy and we decide to just stop caring about it. Add kids to this equation and that starts a lot sooner.

So how do we keep food, dirt, and other invasive species from getting stuck between the seats? With a seat protector of course. Set these up on your seats and now only the much cheaper and easily washable seat protectors take most of the grime. For liquids, there are even waterproof ones so say goodbye to a dirty backseat.

If your completely wholesome family ends up destroying the upholstery of your car, there are not many products to help with that. The most stress-free way to fix this would be to probably sell your damaged car.

Life is stressful as it is but throw a couple of rugrats into the mix and you’ve got an anxiety cocktail on the rocks. It’s best to take all the help you can get and a little money in accessories will go a long way in keeping your sanity under control. Unless you enjoy strife I recommend you check out these cool products.

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